Arts Festival 2016

A spectacular event enjoyed by all including Grandparents’ Day on the Thursday. Thank you to Bradford South Community Chest for their funding contribution.

IMG_1644 IMG_1648 IMG_1655 IMG_1661 IMG_1662 IMG_1669 IMG_1670 IMG_1671 IMG_1673 IMG_1677 IMG_1681 IMG_1687 IMG_1689 IMG_1697 IMG_1703 IMG_1708 IMG_1712 IMG_1716 IMG_1719 IMG_1722 IMG_1723 IMG_1724 IMG_1725 IMG_1726 IMG_1727 IMG_1728 IMG_1729 IMG_1730 IMG_1731 IMG_1732 IMG_1733 IMG_1735 IMG_1736 IMG_1737 IMG_1738 IMG_1739 IMG_1741 IMG_1743 SAM_5926