Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

The staff in Year 3 are:

Poplar Class Teacher- Miss K Dobson

Hawthorn Class Teacher- Mrs A Clifton

Teaching Partner- Miss Gill

Teaching Assistant –Mrs Hartley-Havers

Mrs Watson-Long and Mrs Johnson also support learning in Year 3.

Days to remember :

Poplar Class

*P.E. – Monday/Tuesdays

*Library – Monday

Year 3 classroom photo

Hawthorn Class

*P.E. –Wednesday/Thursday

*Library – Tuesday


Year 3 Homework

My Maths task weekly

Spelling task weekly

Homework menu – choose at least 2 of the suggested tasks to complete over the half term.

Children to read at least 3 times a week.

Children to practise number bonds and the multiplication and division facts linked to Times Table Rockstars.

Learning Challenge Curriculum

Autumn 1 (P.S.H.C.E  focus– Personal Social Health Citizenship Education)

Are Roald Dahl’s Characters Good Citizens?

During this PSHCE focused theme we will be using films, books, and other exciting learning activities to find out about friendships, healthy lifestyles, why medicines are important, road safety and citizenship.

Autumn 2 (Geography Focus)

How many ways can you say Hello?

During this Geography based theme we will be looking at where we live in the world using Google Earth, atlases, maps and globes.  We will look at why Scarborough is a popular English holiday destination before travelling across Europe!  We will research European countries, research key facts about them, taste different foods and look at why they are popular holiday destinations.  During our European adventure we will look at the physical and human Geography of each locality that we ‘visit’.

Spring 1 (Science focus)

How Wonderful A Wizard Are You?


During this Science focused theme we will be developing investigation skills such as making predictions, planning and carrying out fair tests, recording results, drawing and interpreting graphs and writing conclusions.

File:Magic Wizard's Hat (icon).png

Spring 2 (History focus)

Can you Rock to the Romans?

In this History focused Learning Challenge, children will investigate the Stone Age, Iron Age, and the Roman invasion of Britain. They will look at the differences between these historical periods.  Also they will research what their life style was like and what evidence of their invasion and settlement can be found in England today. A trip to the Roman fort at “Brigantium” will take place. During the visit, children will dress up as Roman soldiers and take part in a variety of activities, such as weapon training and guard duty.


Summer 2 (Art & Music focus)

Can you shine a light on Hinduism?

During this RE focused theme we will be learning about Hinduism and comparing it to Christianity. We will be looking at the festivals that Hindus celebrate and will visit  a Hindu  temple. As well as this we will be finding out about Hindu Gods and the Puja tray.

Arts and Music Theme

Each year our Summer 2 Learning Challenge changes, but it is always focused on The Arts.  The Learning Challenge incorporates The Arts in the widest sense, including Art, Music, Dance, Poetry etc.  The theme culminates in an amazing Arts Festival created by the whole school.  It really is an event not to be missed – look out for the date during the Summer term.

Summer 1 (R.E. focus – Religious Education)