Year 4

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 (age 8/9)

There are two classes in Year 4: Beech and Olive.

Beech Class

Class teacher: Miss S Horton

Olive Class

Class teacher: Mrs L Ram


Year 4 Support Staff:

Mrs J Turner – teaching partner

Mrs K Whettlock – teaching assistant

Mrs J Jowett and Mrs L Johnson also support learning in Year 4

Beech Class

P.E. – Thursday and Friday

Homework – set on Friday, return by following Friday

We encourage children to read at home and learn their times tables whenever possible.

Library – Thursday

Olive Class

P.E. – Tuesday & Thursday

Homework – set on Friday, return by following Friday

We encourage children to read at home and learn their times tables whenever possible.

Library – Tuesday


Learning Challenge Half-Termly Topics

Autumn 1

How Can I be the Best Me?


Year 4 PSHCE

The children find out about their rights and responsibilities and why we have rules and law.  They will find out what bullying and racism are and how we can prevent them.  At the end of the topic they will research a topical issue and produce a group debate to present to the class.

Autumn 2

Where would you choose to build a city?


Year 4 Geography


Children use maps to find out where key cities and rivers are located in the Unite Kingdom. They find out the difference between Great Britain, the United Kingdom and the British Isles. They carry out surveys to find out why people choose to live in villages or cities. This topic links to our history as we find out why people originally chose to settle in particular places and how these settlements have changed over time.

The children will be learning about the course of a river and will link their learning with their science topic where they will be finding out about the water cycle.  Within this half term we will be visiting Nell Bank for our year group residential.

Spring 1

What Happens from the Chew to the Loo?


Year 4 Science

We find out about teeth, both human and animal, and how this relates to diet. We learn about the importance of keeping our teeth clean and what could happen if we don’t. The children then find out about the human digestive system. Carrying out experiments is a key aspect of our science lessons.

Spring 2


Year 4 History

The children learn about how and why England was invaded by the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. They research the lives of children from this period to find out what food they ate, what their clothes were like and what they did for fun. Also, we investigate the life and work of King Alfred to find out if he really was ‘King Alfred the Great’. We visit a Viking village, dress up as Vikings and carry out many of the tasks that Viking children would have undertaken, such as making clay pots, baking bread and guard duty.

Summer 1

What Is It Like to be a Buddhist?


Year 4 Religious

The children compare two faiths – Buddhism and Christianity, looking at the Creation stories in particular.  We find out about some of the festivals in both religions. A Buddhist Faith Tutor comes in to be interviewed by the children about their religion.

Summer 2

Arts and Music Theme

Each year our Summer 2 Learning Challenge changes, but it is always focused on the Arts.  The Learning Challenge incorporates the Arts in the widest sense, including Art, Music, Dance, Poetry and Drama.  The theme culminates in an amazing Arts Festival created by the whole school.  It really is an event not to be missed – look out for the date during the Summer term.