Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

There are two classes in Year 5: Willow and Palm.


The teacher in Willow class is Mrs L Shaw.

Trainee Teacher – Miss N Stone.

The teacher in Palm class is Mrs E Plows.

The teaching partner in Year 5 is Mrs Turner.

The teaching assistant in Year 5 are Mrs Clough.


Palm Class have PE on a Monday.  On a Wednesday morning, Palm class have swimming lessons at Queensbury Pool (September to February half term).

Willow Class have PE on a Friday. After February half term, Willow class will have swimming lessons at Queensbury Pool.


Library is on a Tuesday for Palm and Tuesday for Willow class.


In Year 5 homework is given once a week. We give My Maths, a simple Maths task and spellings on a Monday to hand in and check on Friday of the same week.  Learning Challenge Homework is given at the start of the half term.  The children can choose any 4 of the 6 tasks to hand in at the end of that half term.

Our Learning Challenges

Our Autumn 1 Prime Learning Challenge is “Can You Keep a Boxtroll Safe?”

In this PSHCE based Learning Challenge we will be finding out about a range of different safety rules including water safety, internet safety, keeping healthy, how important our family are and all about good and bad drugs. We also have visits from  the Fire fighters from Illingworth Fire Station.

Our Autumn 2 Prime Learning Challenge is “Can You Hear the Rain Drops?”

In this Geography based Learning Challenge we investigate the water cycle and complete an indepth study of Brazil.

Our Spring 1 Prime Learning Challenge is “Will we ever send another human to the moon?”

In this Science based Learning Challenge we investigate scientific study linking it to our Science topic ‘Earth, Sun, Moon and Space’. Children will learn to plan different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions, including recognising and controlling variables where necessary linked to this.

Our Spring 2 Prime Learning Challenge is “Are You Working Hard Enough?”

In this History based Learning Challenge we investigate what life was like for children during Victorian times. We will also visit Bradford Industrial Museum to experience Victorian school life.

Our Summer 1 Prime Learning Challenge is “Can You See the Signs?”

In this Religious Education based Learning Challenge we investigate some key aspects of both the Christian religion and the Sikh faith. We will visit a local Sikh temple and Bradford Cathedral.

Our Summer 2  Arts Poetry and Music Theme

Each year our Summer 2 Learning Challenge changes, but it is always focused on The Arts.  The Learning Challenge incorporates The Arts in the widest sense, including Art, Music, Dance, Poetry etc.  The theme culmintates in an amazing Arts Festival created by the whole school.  It really is an event not to be missed – look out for the date during the Summer term.

Our Class Rooms

Take a look at these photographs to see what our Year 5 learning environments are like.