Year 6

 Welcome to Year 6

Maple Class

Class teacher: Mrs D Hothi

Elder Class

Class Teacher: Mrs E Plows

Additional Teaching Group

Teacher: Mrs L Shaw

Support Staff

Mrs Brennan – teaching partner



PE – Friday


P.E – Friday


Children are given arithmetic homework on a Monday and this needs to be completed and returned on a Friday.

Spellings are handed out on a Monday and tested on a Friday, we also offer a spelling frame programme that your children can access at home on an I-pad or computer.

Each half term the children are given a topic menu based on that half-terms learning and from this they need to choose at least 4 tasks to complete and bring into school.


LEARNING CHALLENGE THEME in Autumn 1 – How Clued Up Are You?

This half term in Learning Challenge there is a PSHCE focus. Our Learning Challenge Question is How Clued Up Are You? They will be learning about some topical issues, exploring human rights and thinking about diversity, democracy and British values.


We use the no-nonsense spelling programme to teach and learn spellings and strategies weekly. This half term we study the text ‘Holes’ by Lois Sachar and write a range of genres including: letters, non-chronological reports and character descriptions.


In Maths this half term we will be looking at: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, using decimals, rounding and approximating. Throughout the year we will be using these skills to solve real-life problems and reasoning questions.


LEARNING CHALLENGE THEME IN AUTUMN 2 – I’m A Year 6 Pupil Get Me Out of Here?

Our theme this half term is based around Geography. Our Learning Challenge Question is ‘I’m A Year 6 Pupil Get Me Out Of Here!’ Children will be learning about how Bradford was successful during the Industrial Revolution with textiles.  Also, they will be learning how to read maps and looking at ordnance survey maps.



This half term the children will look at writing character description and a diary entry. They will also enhance their skills in punctuation, handwriting, spelling and grammar.  The text that will link to this is ‘Skellig’ by David Almond.


In Maths this half term we will be looking at fractions and geometry, which incorporates position and direction. Throughout the term, we will be using these skills to solve real-life problems and reasoning questions.

LEARNING CHALLENGE THEME IN SPRING 1 – STEM links with a Science focus on The Titanic.

Children will plan different types of scientific enquiries, to answer questions including recognising and controlling variables where necessary.  They will take measurements using a range of scientific equipment with increasing accuracy and precision.  Children will also be able to record data and results using scientific diagrams and labels, classification keys, tables, scattergraphs, bar and line graphs.  Using test results children will make predictions to set up further comparative and fair tests. We will also use Science to link to technology, engineering and maths and the children will take part in projects associated with this.


To look at a range of sentence types and skills in punctuation, handwriting, spelling and grammar will also be taught. Pupils will study different narrative and non-narrative genres. Our focus text will be ‘Kaspar the Prince of Cats’ and this will link to the theme of the Titanic.


Pupils will learn about decimals, percentages and algebra. Throughout the term, we will be using these skills to solve real-life problems and reasoning questions.


LEARNING CHALLENGE IN Spring 2  – How Civilised Are You?

Our theme is based around ancient civilisations. Our learning challenge question is ‘How Civilised Are You?’ The children will be investigating what life was like for Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians and how they have influenced modern day life. The theme will be based around questions that the children will research using secondary sources such as books and the internet.


In English, the children are using skills they have learnt in spelling, grammar, punctuation and incorporate these into different genres, both narrative and non-narrative. We will be linking our Learning Challenge topic to our book ‘Girl of Ink and Stars’.


In Year 6, it is the time of year when we revise all skills that the children have learnt throughout their time at Shibden Head. We will also incorporate more on the measuring topics which include converting, perimeter and area and ratio. Through out the term, we will be using these skills to solve real-life problems and reasoning questions.

LEARNING CHALLENGE THEME IN SUMMER 1 – What Do Our Minions Have In Common?

We will start with Tasawar, who reads the Qu’ran and pilgrimages to Mecca. Then, we will  move onto Simon – the Christian, he is the pupil who enjoys reading the Bible and learning about baptisms. Finally for Alvinder, who has lots to tell us about the Golden Temple and the Sikh way of life.

It is all very exciting and we will have many special appearances from guests to help us with our learning along the way.

Follow us on our journey with each of them to find out a little more about their religions and beliefs.


In writing, the pupils will be creating a book aimed at younger children e.g. Reception all about how to be healthy and promoting exercising. Children will design each page with llustrations and text. Illustrations to be completed as well as front cover, blurb and other distinct features. Children to read completed story to target audience.


This half term we will be consolidating all learning done this year in Maths. Children will also be completing transition units and taking part in an Enterprise Project, with lots of maths involved. Will they make a profit?


Arts and Music Theme

Each year our Summer 2 Learning Challenge changes, but it is always focused on The Arts.  The Learning Challenge incorporates The Arts in the widest sense, including Art, Music, Dance, Poetry etc.  The theme culminates in an amazing Arts Festival created by the whole school.  It really is an event not to be missed – look out for the date during the Summer term!

SATs Week

This is scheduled to take place the week commencing Monday 11th May and the tests will be completed by Thursday 14th May.


On June 10th, 11th and 12th, Year 6 children will be visiting Kingswood for their residential. They will be taking part in lots of team building activities, games and problem solving sessions. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to be away from home and experience activities that they wouldn’t normally get to do.

Leavers’ Concert

Every year, the children take part in concert performed to parents. It is a final farewell from the children and a chance for them to show off their singing and performing skills.