Learning Challenge Curriculum

An Overview

The Learning Challenge Curriculum is a skills and subject led approach to teaching and learning, in which we aim to teach skills thoroughly. This allows children to experience an in-depth curriculum; we monitor standards in each subject very carefully. Each half term, we have a foundation subject being the main area of focus in our theme lessons and every week we aim to produce a piece of writing linked to our learning; this then helps children to improve crucial literacy skills.Shibden Head

We continue to teach literacy, mathematics, science, food, design and technology and computing skills separately, although links are made where possible.


Each theme is led with overall starting questions, for example: ‘Dare you face the dragons?’ ‘How clued up are you?’ and ‘Would you eat cheese?’ Teachers then take time through discussion with the children to form their future learning questions and so children very much take a lead on their own learning. We have found this engages and motivates children to want to learn; they are excited about what’s to come.


At the end of each half term we dedicate time to reflect on what we have been learning and the children create a ‘Reflective Presentation’ using a piece of ICT equipment that is assigned to their year group. It is at this point we realise what fantastic learners we have and just how much learning has happened over half a term!

Watch out for our corridor displays – you will be amazed how clever we all are!

 Shibden Head