Learning Challenge Curriculum

Shibden Head

Curriculum Statement


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Shibden Head Primary Academy is based largely on the National Curriculum 2014 from Years 1 to 6 and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for Reception.

Daily lessons take place for maths and English using Focus Maths and Focus English as core reference materials for planning. Maths and English skills are reinforced through other curriculum areas where relevant. Phonic lessons take place every day in Reception and Key Stage 1 classes.

Science, PE, Computing, Art and Music are taught throughout the year in weekly lessons. French is taught weekly in Key Stage 2 with incidental opportunities in Reception and Key Stage 1.

Learning Challenge themes

Each half term focuses on a different learning challenge theme based on one of the foundation subjects, Science or RE. Each theme is led by an overall starting question, such as ‘Can you rock to the Romans?’or ‘How clued up are you?’ Teachers then take time through discussion with children to plan future learning questions to investigate as part of the theme. This approach allows children to become immersed in an area of the curriculum, engaging their interests and motivating learning.

Cross-curricular opportunities are built into learning challenge themes, where relevant, to support learning links in different subjects and allow application of learning in different contexts. Special theme days, such as French Day, fundraising days and national event days take place at different points during the year, thereby contributing to the overall breadth and balance of the curriculum.


Children are encouraged to reflect on their learning in lessons and at the end of each learning challenge theme. At the end of each term, a range of work from the theme are displayed on corridors to celebrate learning and share it with others in school.

Shibden Head