SEND – Special Educational Need or Disability

We have a school community of approximately 420 children. We recognise that children will join our school with a range of abilities and experiences and our aim is to to provide for each and every child’s needs with the intention that every child will thrive and achieve their potential.

Some children have special needs or a disability in a particular area or across a number of areas e.g. physical, hearing, sight, learning, social or emotional and speech and language development.

Our special educational needs policy and our disability action plan can be seen under the Our Academy Policies tab on the Academy website.

All schools follow a Code of Practice with regard to special needs or disability.

Shibden Head SEND Local Offer Jan 2020

The local offer for Bradford local authority gives information about what support and activities are available in the Bradford area.

 Local Offer

Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENDCOs)

We have 2 members of staff who coordinate provision for children with special needs or disability in school; they are called SENDCOs. Our SENDCOs are Miss Kathryn Straw and Mrs Theresa Berry.

The SENDCOs can always be contacted via the school office.

We always liaise very closely with parents and carers with regard to provision and progress for children with SEND. Regular meetings are held where needs are discussed and targets set appropriate to need.

We also work closely with a range of agencies and professionals to best meet the needs of the child.