Our Vision

Our vision, ethos and values

At Shibden Head we aim to create a quality environment where everyone involved with the school has respect for themselves, for others and for their community.

By constantly encouraging and recognising positive aspects of work and behaviour we strive to achieve high standards.

We believe that the goals and targets we set should be challenging but realistic so every child has equal opportunity to achieve well and make good progress from their starting points.

We actively promote healthy life-styles and give children the knowledge and understanding they need to make informed decisions about their physical and mental health, safety and well-being as they grow.

Everyone at Shibden Head be they child or adult has a role to play and a contribution to make to the life of the school and its place in the community. We believe that the teaching/learning environment we provide should reflect the fact that everyone’s contribution will be recognised and their views will be listened to.

We aim to have a school which provides stimulating, enriching and fulfilling experiences.  Our children are our future. At Shibden Head we work together to give children the academic and life skills they will need for a happy and successful future.


A People Place

If this is not a place where tears are understood

Where do I go to cry?

If this is not a place where my spirits can take wing

Where do I go to fly?

If this is not a place where my questions can be asked

Where do I go to seek?

If this is not a place where my feelings can be heard

Where do I go to speak?

If this is not a place where you’ll accept me as I am

Where can I go to be?

If this is not a place where I can try to learn and grow

Where can I just be me?

(William J. Crockett)