Class Teachers

Reception      Ash Class              Mrs L Barton (Early Years Leader)

Reception     Rowan Class          Miss E Rankin

Year 1            Elm Class               Mrs DeMatteis / Miss K Dobson

Year 1            Oak Class               Miss S Carroll

Year 2            Sycamore Class     Miss M Harrison (Assistant Head – responsibility for Years 1, 2 and 3)

Year 2            Cedar Class            Mrs H Walker

Year 3            Hawthorn Class     Mrs A Clifton

Year 3            Poplar Class           Miss K Straw

Year 4            Beech Class            Mrs S Gill

Year 4            Olive Class             Mrs L Shaw (Assistant Head – responsibility for Years 4,5 and 6)

Year 5             Palm Class            Miss L Firth

Year 5             Willow Class          Miss H Aitken

Year 6             Maple Class          Mrs D Hothi

Year 6              Elder Class           Mrs E Plows

Teachers on Maternity Leave – Mrs S Foster & Mrs J Crossley

Additional teachers                      Miss K Dobson

Deputy Head                                Mrs T Berry

Headteacher                                 Mrs S Thornton


Teaching Partners

Reception                                    Mrs J Morris, Mrs C Luty

Year 1                                          Mrs L Sowood

Year 2                                          Miss A Gill

Year 3                                          Mrs S Dytiche

Year 4                                          Mrs J Whittaker

Year 5                                          Mrs J Turner

Year 6                                          Mrs N Brennan


Teaching Assistants

Reception                                 Mrs D Robertson PM

Year 1                                        Mrs D Robertson AM, Mrs L Brown PM

Year 2                                         Mrs L Brown, Mrs E Watson-Long

Year 3                                         Mrs A Hartley-Havers, Mrs H Murtagh

Year 4                                         Mrs J Jowett, Mrs J Clayton AM, Mrs L Johnson PM

Year 5                                         Mrs H Clough

Year 6                                         Mrs K Whettlock

Lunchtime Supervisors

Senior Supervisor                Mrs N Hulme

Supervisors                      Mr A Axnix, Mrs A Banks, Ms M Beckett

     Mrs L  Johnson, Mrs G Kaur, Mrs M Bailey

     Miss S Fortune, Miss T Fox, Mrs C Yewdall, Miss V Beever,

     Mr A Tinker, Mrs D Stubley, Mrs E Myers, Mrs R Davies (Maternity Leave)


Admin Team

Business Manager                Mrs D Marshall

Administration Officer           Mrs P Allingham

Clerial Assistant                   Mrs M Boulger

Parental Involvement Worker  Mrs T Raistrick


Site Team

Site Manager                          Mr G Bland

Cleaners                                 Mrs D Bell, Miss A Gill, Mrs D Robertson, Mrs Y Pilcher, Miss V Beever


Kitchen Team

Kitchen Manager                 Ms M Link

Assistant Manager               Miss J McDonald

General Kitchen Assistants  Mrs M Cook, Mrs B Lad, Mrs S Parnaby, Miss L Odd