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Shibden Head Primary Academy

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

EYFS at Shibden Head

Our Curriculum Intent

At Shibden Head, our Early Years curriculum is driven by providing the children with one that is rich and firmly rooted in children’s experiences to develop their vocabulary, knowledge, skills and understanding, whilst also following their interests.               

We aim to develop all children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, regardless of their background and life experiences, so that they are prepared for life beyond school.  We have high expectations for all and of all. As we do not have our own nursery, children arrive in Reception from a variety of pre-school providers. Baseline shows around 50% in line with age-related expectations. We aim to accelerate learning so that outcomes are in line with national averages and children leave Reception well-prepared for KS1.

Development of reading skills is a key focus in recognition of the importance of reading in unlocking access to the rest of the curriculum – emphasis is placed on developing phonic knowledge, building fluency and promoting enjoyment of reading. Vocabulary development is promoted across all areas of learning to aid children’s understanding and communication skills.

The school follows the Early Years Framework and ensures a clearly sequenced progression during the Reception year so that all pupils are given the opportunity to acquire the intended knowledge and skills through a high stimulating environment which enables them to learn independently. There is a balance between child initiated play and adult led learning, which is carefully planned to prepare children for the transition to Year 1. Learning is adapted to meet the needs of children; the curriculum is personalised for some SEND children so that they can make progress from their own starting points.

See below for the Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for EYFS:

 Our Curriculum Map:



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