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Shibden Head Primary Academy


 At Shibden Head, we aim to develop a love of reading and writing through an engaging, meaningful and varied English curriculum.

Writing is based around a high quality text, which allows children explore vocabulary and genre through reading objectives and grammar. Other texts are also introduced alongside the key text to support the topic and vocabulary development. Children are given opportunities to explore and write a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry genres and explore grammatical features and language techniques linked to each. The teaching of grammar is incorporated into English lessons with additional discrete lessons in KS2. Grammar is focused to teach and consolidate the skills that the children need to complete the writing outcome. WAGOLLs (What a Good One Looks Like) and live modelling is used to demonstrate and teach the application of grammar in the genre context. English working walls are used to aid memory and retrieval within and between lessons. We believe that all children are writers.

From September 2023 we will be introducing a new method of teaching writing in our Early Years setting using Mighty Writer. Mighty Writer is a tactile teaching and learning resource designed to transform the way children learn to write through a visual and engaging experience. Mighty Writer allows pupils of all abilities to engage with complex literacy skills; developing competence earlier, faster and with greater enthusiasm. 

Class reading is taught through English lessons as well as discrete Guided Reading lessons. In Guided Reading, children are taught the reading skills they need to fluently read and comprehend different genres. In Early Years and the beginning of KS1, reading books and Guided Reading sessions are based on phonic knowledge. Once children are fluent readers beyond phonics, the focus becomes comprehension. Children also regularly read independently through Drop Everything and Read time, daily reading with an adult, Accelerated Reader and library time. Teachers read stories and poems aloud to classes on a daily basis.

Our English curriculum is closely linked to our half termly curriculum driver, which enables children to embed vocabulary. 

Accelerated Read

Accelerated Read is a computer program used in schools and it helps teachers track students' independent practice and progress with reading. Accelerated Read guides students, while engaging them with quizzes and activities. This helps hone students' reading skills and encourage growth and development with their reading comprehension skills.

Vending Machine

As part of our Accelerated Read program, we are celebrating children’s accomplishments within reading with our ‘Word Millionaire’.

If any of the children are successful at reading over a million words through quizzing, they receive a certificate and a token to use in the reading vending machine, choosing a book of their choice!

We have already had some successes! Look!





Reading Intent:


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Reading Progression:


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 Reading Skills Progression:

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Writing Intent:

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 Writing Text List:


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Handwriting Progression

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 Statutory Spelling Lists

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