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Shibden Head Primary Academy

Equality Objectives

Shibden Head commitment to equality

equality action plan 2023.pdf




The Equality Action Plan identifies actions to ensure the equality objectives are met at Shibden Head.

As an academy within the Focus Trust, we follow the Trust Equality Policy which can be accessed via the link below.

Focus Trust Policies


Educate and Celebrate      

In 2018/19 we were accredited with the Educate and Celebrate award at silver level in recognition of our commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion.  During 2022 we worked towards re-accreditation for the Educate and Celebrate award at gold level.  We were assessed in December 2022 and have now been accredited the Gold Award.

Please see the powerpoint below outlining some of our work towards this award.




We display our code of conduct around school and ask all visitors signing in to read and accept our commitment.  




Pride Youth Group

Our Pride Youth group work with our Educate and Celebrate lead teachers to plan work across school to promote equal rights and an end to LGBTQ+ discrimination. At Shibden Head, we celebrate differences, recognise that there are different types of family, challenge gender stereotypes (there are no ‘boys jobs’ and ‘girls jobs’ we can be whoever we want to be!) and celebrate significant figures in history who were LGBTQ+.  'Pride' simply means having a feeling of being good, worthy and proud, whoever we are! 

Our Pride Youth group delivered assemblies to start Anti-Bullying Week 2022 - celebrating different types of family.

We celebrate diverse families often through stories as this creates a safe platform for children to develop an understanding of diversity. Emphasing what they have in common is important, while one child might have two biological parents, another might be adopted, have a single parent, or same sex parents. Either way, it's love and support that makes a family. 


What is Pride?

Pride is a feeling of honour and self-respect. 

It is the feeling of being worthwhile. 

It is having self-esteem. 

We can all feel pride by expressing ourselves in a way that makes us happy or makes us feel beautiful, or a way that feels right in our hearts.

Simply put, self-expression is the art of being yourself, always.

Self-expression has no limits.

You can be who you are no matter your age, race, orientation, identify, gender, financial status, class, disabilities or abilities.

You can like rap music or pop music.

You can have long or short hair. You can wear dresses or shorts. 

There is no right or wrong way to be yourself. 


 Written by Desmond Napoles


We are all unique!

Each and every one of is unique - no-one else looks, feels, thinks or acts exactly the same as anyone else. In preparation for Anti-Bullying Week 2022, we wore an item or a piece of clothing that shows we are unique. We also made class tree pictures using our thumb prints - no one thumb print is the same as any other!  


We made handprints using rainbow colours to show that our individual prints work together with others to make a rainbow - a symbol of hope and unity.