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Shibden Head Primary Academy


History at Shibden Head Primary Academy


The purpose of our history curriculum is to provide children with a coherent knowledge and understanding of historical periods throughout history. We allow children to ask and answer questions to develop their knowledge and curiosity about their own identity, social context and society and how this fits within the wider world context.

At Shibden Head, we ensure that the children have a clear understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. The history curriculum aims to inspire children’s curiosity to know more about the past through use of key enquiry questions. We aim to equip pupils with skills to think critically, weigh evidence and develop perceptive judgement. Our curriculum helps pupils to understand significant individuals from the past, historical events and places and allows children to explore changes and diversity of society and relationships between different groups over time in Britain and the wider world. We aim to provide opportunities for children to refer back to key vocabulary throughout the year to develop their long term memory. We plan our curriculum to be relevant to our local community and to address any social disadvantages in our cohort. Vocabulary is a key focus in our history lessons and underpins every lesson taught from reception to Key Stage 2. Most year groups have the opportunity to go on a trip linked to their History learning during the half term.
In Summer 2 we dedicate one week to the children learning about local history. The children in the younger end of school look at the more local areas and then this broadens as the children get older. The whole school has a Victorian theme and some of the places studied are: Queensbury, Haworth, Bradford, Mills and Migration.

Local History Long Term Planning

Progression in Vocab – History

History Intent, implementation and Impact

History progression

History concepts

We also use historical knowledge organisers in our lessons as a point of reference that include key facts and vocabulary linked to what we are studying, see an example below:

knowledge organisers.pptx

 Black History Month plan:

black history month long term planning.docx

 Long Term plan:

spring term history driver long term planning.docx