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Shibden Head Primary Academy


Induction arrangements for children starting school in Reception are shared with new parents/carers in the Summer term each year.  There is an evening meeting for parents, a taster session for children and a home visit where 2 members of staff visit families in their homes.

All teachers spend time in the Summer term sharing information about classes for September.  We also have transition days in July for children to spend 2 or 3 days in their new class for September.  

For children in year 6 moving onto secondary schools, year 6 teachers have meetings with secondary school colleagues to ensure a smooth transition.  There is also a transition day in early July where children visit their new school for a day.

For children with any special or additional needs, we work closely with parents, carers, external agencies to plan for effective transition at all stages of education.  Our SENDCO liaises with SENDCOs in other schools as appropriate.