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Shibden Head Primary Academy

School Day

The academy day

School start times are as follows:

  • 8.45am

The doors close at 9.00am and children arriving after this time must be brought to the office (using the main entrance) by their grown up.

  • School finish time is 3.15pm.

We expect pupils to have good attendance and punctuality. Any unexplained absences or concerns regarding attendance or punctuality are followed up in order to ensure:

• the safety and well-being of pupils

• maximum opportunities for learning

All children have 45 minutes for lunch within the times 11.30am to 1.15pm. Lunchtimes are staggered for different age ranges to accommodate the number of pupils and ensure safe play arrangements over the lunchtime period.

What to do if your child is ill

If your child is unable to attend school please inform us as soon as possible either by telephone or e-mail ( If we do not receive any information we will contact you to find out why your child is absent.

What if your child is ill at school?

Please keep your child at home if they are not well. Although we do the best we can, there is no comfortable place for children to rest if they do not feel well. If your child is ill we will contact you by phone and ask you to collect your child.

Cuts and grazes resulting from falls at playtime are dealt with by First Aid staff in school, but if hospital treatment should be thought necessary we will contact you immediately. If your child bumps their head, we will send you a note to let you know about the incident.

Respiratory illnesses/Covid

Anyone with a respiratory illness or Covid should not attend school. Current guidelines state that adults should isolate for 5 days and children should isolate for 3 days from the day following a positive test or symptoms developing.

Contact details

Should we need to contact you we can only use the information you provide us with. Please keep the academy office records up to date by telling us if any of the following information changes:

• address

• telephone numbers

• named contacts in case of emergency

If we are unable to contact you, staff can act in loco parentis and will contact Social Services for their help and support, if required.