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Shibden Head Primary Academy


Shibden Head Primary Academy Uniform

School colours are navy blue and jade green.  The following items are required for all children:

  • sweatshirt navy blue
  • cardigan or jumper navy blue
  • polo shirt jade green or white

Optional fleece jacket navy blue – for outdoor wear only.

All of the above items can be bought from supermarkets and chain stores. They are also available with the school logo from our uniform suppliers.  We have an ongoing supply of pre-loved uniform items available at school for a small donation.

The following items are required for all children – these do not have a school logo and are readily available in supermarkets, chain stores or from the school pre-loved supply:

  • trousers navy, grey or black
  • tailored shorts navy, grey or black
  • pinafore dress navy, grey or black
  • skirt navy, grey or black
  • socks/tights grey, navy or black
  • summer dress green or blue stripes or gingham

Children in Years 5 and 6 may wear a plain white shirt with a school tie (ties available from the school office).

Please note that, for safety reasons shoes should have flat heels, closed toes and some method of fastening. Trainers and trainer boots are not suitable to wear with school uniform and we appreciate your co-operation in keeping this kind of footwear for home wear.

Shoes: FLAT heels in black. Lace ups, bar or T-bar strap style.

Sandals: FLAT heels. Full sandal (with toes and heels in) with T-bar strap, in black or navy.

Please Note

Nail varnish should not be worn.

Jewellery should not be worn. Children with pierced ears may wear studs only.

Watches may be worn but not smart watches, toy watches or those that convert to toys.

No extreme hairstyles, including colour, shaved heads, shaved patterns etc. Long hair should be tied back, but please avoid large hair adornments such as jo-jo bows.

P.E. Clothes - These are required for all children:
  • navy/black shorts and white t-shirt (KS2 t-shirt in team colour – red, blue, yellow or green)
  • black pumps
  • outdoor PE kit – plain joggers and sweatshirt in black or navy and trainers

 Children from Year 2 to Year 6 wear PE uniform on their PE days.

Children in Reception and Year 1 get changed for PE in school - PE uniform in a simple pump bag is left in school for the half term.


School sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts and fleeces can be purchased from:

  • Embroidery Inhouse, The Old Barn, 182 Highgate Road, Clayton Heights, Bradford BD13 1DS (next to Patchetts)

Pre-loved uniform is available in school all year round for a small donation.