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Shibden Head Primary Academy

Personal Development and SMSC


Personal development is at the heart of our whole school ethos. At Shibden Head Primary Academy our motto is Learning Together, Making the Difference. Our intent is to nurture happy, healthy young people who have the knowledge, skills and character to lead safe and successful lives in modern Britain, preparing them for their next steps in education and employment with a thirst for lifelong learning. Our children are Ready, Respectful and Safe – our key school rules – allowing them to become respectful and reflective members of society. We firmly believe that spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development enriches each subject and is an essential ingredient to support our children’s personal development. We provide a safe, nurturing environment to ensure our children feel confident to express and reflect on their views and the views of others across the curriculum and wider social issues. Extra-curricular and enhanced experiences within subject areas (for example: visitors, clubs, assemblies and performances) gives our children the understanding, attitudes and practical skills to lead productive, safe and healthy lives. 

Our Personal Development offer includes:

  • SMSC
  • British Values
  • PSHE and RSE
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Careers
  • Clubs and Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Seven Musts of Focus Trust

 As pupil voice is such an important aspect of education, we work across all of our schools with our Pupil Parliament, each of whom has been elected by their peers to represent their school at trust level. 

A recent Pupil Parliament project identified seven essential experiences for all children at Focus-Trust. The 7 Musts of Focus-Trust, means that every child in a Focus-Trust school will:                                                                         

  • Complete a first aid course                                                     
  • Attend Young Voices 
  • Visit London 
  • Undertake an environmental project 
  • Visit the theatre 
  • Plan a charity event 
  • Complete bike-ability

British Values

At Shibden Head Primary Academy, we support the fundamental British Values of:

  •  Democracy.
  •  The rule of law.
  •  Individual liberty.
  •  Mutual respect.
  •  Tolerance of different Faiths and beliefs

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whole school smsc curriculum overview.pdf

 What do we mean by .....

British Values – We aim to develop our understanding of British Values by teaching our children about Democracy, Rule of law, Tolerance of different cultures and religions, Mutual respect and Individual liberty.

SMSC – Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural.

RSE – Relationships and sex education.

PSHE – Personal, Social, Health and Economic.

Cultural – Ideas, customs and behaviours that we would expect to see in school.

Enrichment – a broad range of opportunities to learn and develop outside of the classroom.

Health, safety and wellbeing – Emotional health, online safety, road safety, personal safety, emotions, social interactions.

Physical Health – Exercise, healthy eating, extra-curricular activities.

Pastoral – emotional, social, physical and mental wellbeing support

Transitions – moving from class to class, moving to another school, moving home, a new teacher, from home to school, from school to home, one lesson to another lesson

Citizenship – We aim to develop our pupils knowledge and skills to be able to participate in a fair and inclusive society throughout their lifetime. Areas include diversity, equality, justice and democracy.

Personal Development

personal development whole school overview.pdf