There is a requirement for all schools to publish the outline curriculum for each year group on their website. It is impossible to publish details of every aspect of the curriculum. The links below provide access to outlines of the key content for each year group.  It should be noted that the details below are the ‘standard curriculum’ requirements; we constantly differentiate these to support and extend all pupils.

See link below for Focus Trust Curriculum Statement.

Focus-Trust Curriculum Statement September 2019

20210316 Focus-Trust Curriculum Statement – Moving into Reinvigoration March 2021

Due to circumstances with Covid-19 and school closures, we have followed the relevant Dfe guidance and adapted our circular statement for the year 2020/21 to reflect the changes for our children returning to school in September:

Reconnecting curriculum intent

We have then reflected on the curriculum and disruptions due to cover-19 and have updated our curriculum intent for the academic year 2021/2022, please see below:

2021/2022 curriculum intent

Working within this, all academies in the Trust have developed their own curriculum statements. Please click the link below.

Details of individual subjects can be seen under the specific tabs in the Learning drop down menu.

Staff will always be very happy to discuss the content of the curriculum in more detail with any parent or carer.  Please contact the office if you wish to find our more about the curriculum at Shibden Head.

Learning Challenge Curriculum

Much of our curriculum is taught through topic-based cross-curricular themes. Where possible we try to link our learning as much as possible – see our year group pages for our curriculum maps for each subject.

Below is our blueprint of what teaching looks like at Shibden Head. We pride ourselves with the variety of strategies and experiences that we offer and are constantly seeking new ways to ensure that key skills are being taught in the most effective way…

What teaching and learning looks like at Shibden Head

Please see curriculum subject pages and year group pages for more information about our broad and balanced curriculum and if you would like any further on our curriculum please email our school office and ask for Mrs Shaw to contact you and she will be happy to assist.


We are very proud of our curriculum at Shibden Head and to celebrate it with the children all corridor displays are changed half-termly to showcase themes and subjects that we have been focusing on in the previous half term: In autumn 1 we showcase our ‘We Are One’ theme from summer 2, in autumn 2 we celebrate ‘PSCHE’, in spring 1 it is geography, in spring 2 we showcase STEM, in summer 1 we display history and then in summer 2 we finish with RE. We also showcase homework from our homework menus that celebrate family learning.

We pride ourself on key values and concepts that we promote through assemblies, class meetings and ‘think and drink’ time. See below our key concepts for Shibden Head:



Shibdens concepts